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General Insurance (Health Insurance)

India has a diabetic population of 30 million - the highest in the world and the numbers are growing by the day. Diabetes needs immediate attention because it affects vital systems in the body over time and treatment can be very expensive.

Star Health and Allied Insurance presents a policy that helps those affected by Diabetes Mellitus Type II and offers insurance protection for treating the most commonly occuring complications.

Family Health Optima from Star Health is a health insurance plan that gives protection for the entire family on the payment of a single premium under a single sum insured. The sum insured floats amonf the family members insured. It's just one more way to tighten the family bonds.

The comforts and luxuries of today's life come at a price - the price of uncernities. Of the uncernities, health of oneself and one's family is of prime concern. Add to this, the fact that medical expenses are getting dearer. One ailment is all it takes to wipe out years of savings that was meant to realize your dreams.
Medi Classic Insurance from Star Health is a policy that aims to provide reimbursement of hospitalization expenses incurred as a result of illness / disease / sickness and /or accidental injuries, so that you can keep your dreams alive.

Turning sizty is a major milestone and for people, a time to start being more careful about their health. It is a matter of concern that insurance policies are hardly available to address this critical requirement.
Star Health is proud to introduce India's frst health insurance policy aimed specifically at senior citizens. It provides cover for anyone over the age of 60 and permits entry right up to the age of 69 with continuing cover after that. It is our way of caring for a generation that has done so much to build the country we have today.